Here are some links related to ham radio, modeling and railfanning you might find useful.



Railfanning in the East Bay maintained by my friend and often partner in railfanning crime (thanks for turnin' me to Astia) Michael Johannessen, a large web board for rail discussion. I often post and read stuff there, even if the owner is a bit of a Nazi.

SP Cascades, a website devoted to the Southern Pacific mainline through the Cascade Mountains. I met the owner and webmaster on Amtrak 14 out of Klamath Falls.

Altamont Press, makers of the indispensable Railfan Timetables, and host to another railroad discussion board. No railfan trip in the West is complete without an AP Timetable.

Ham Radio

Icom America, maker of the Icom W32A, my personal "packset." Puts out 5w on 2m and 70cm, and works those distant repeaters like they're two feet away. Coupled with the Diamond RH77CA antenna, it's my primary railfanning radio tool. Want your ham radio licence? Start with HamTest. I did. Free, complete online ham radio licence examinations to practice your skills and knowledge., the Ham Radio Supersite. The name says it all. Discussion boards, equipment reviews, and ham radio news. The works, at one site.

ARRL. No ham radio link listing would be complete without the American Radio Relay League, America's national ham association.





Model Railroader






BH, owner of

Rudy... sadly defunct, he's off in the Air Force