Written by rudephyre

Modified by RailPax for System 7.x Compatibility


I use a neato little applescript for ircle, quasar/quazuh, written by an irc friend of mine, Rudy-aka-rudephyre

It's a great script, with plenty of features, rawkin' away and ncomp engines,

and special shortcuts for the ZUHNet chanserv and operserv.

There was just one niggling problem:

The special /sv, or showversion, command would not work under System 7.x because it made a call to the Finder.

In any system previous to 8.0, the Finder is not scriptable, therefore the script could not complete the call

and would terminate the command with a cryptic error message.

Since I use System 7.x daily at my work, I set out to fix this problem.

With a little (actually a damn bunch) of help from Rudy,

I removed the call and replaced it with a generic System 7.5.x/7.6.x version label.

Now, after not-so-extensive-testing, quazuh7.x is ready for the light of day.

Use at your own risk, neither me, rudy, bluemoon.net nor Contra Costa College

is responsible for anything that happens connected to this script

Any problems, comments, etc, click here

Enjoy :)





Rudy, for makin' this rawkin' script

Wintermute, for bein' a cool admin

Onno, for makin' IRCle

BH and railfan.net, for providing this webspace :)